Squelch, Evanston 1997

Lighthouse-beach-5 Lighthouse-beach-10 Chris-and-Tim

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This was the first of many photoshoots I did for the band Squelch. They were a very experimental, psychedelic noise rock band. It’s definitely hard to categorize. Probably close to Sonic Youth. We did these photos at Lighthouse beach in Evanston, IL after several failed attempts in other locations. I saw this band grow and eventually disband due to the restraints of everyday life. I befriended a few of them, namely Tim ,Chris, and Tim’s brother Patrick who was not in the band at this point. I’ve also collaborated with them on different musical projects over the years. Unfortunately, Tim passed away a couple years ago. It’s a loss that is still a hard pill for me to swallow.


Shades, 2013


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A close up shot of Olivia taken in beautiful late afternoon winter light . She is truly a natural.

Sleeve #1 and #2


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Scott endured the freezing cold in order to show off his tattoos. Once the weather gets better, I will be calling him back for another shoot. He has far more work done on him than is seen here– and it’s constantly evolving.

Looking Up, Looking Down, 2013


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This is from my first official portrait shoot. Olivia is on the left, and Natalie is on the right. Both women are really good friends and got lost in conversation while we hung out at New Wave Coffee in Logan Square. For me this was great because a) I was allowed to become invisible, b) the lighting was great, and c) both are very natural in this shot.

Focused, 2013


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This is my friend, Geraldo. He is a freelance graphic designer. I hung out with him at his home for a couple hours and shot away while he worked. He’s very much a multi-tasker, but on occasion he can get lost in his work.

Eyes Closed, 2014


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This was taken by the Blue Line Tracks on Fullerton and Milwaukee. The lighting was nice all day, but it became extraordinary when this shot was taken. 

Ravenswood Rapid Transit, 1996


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This was taken at the Montrose Brown Line station. It was not too long before this photo was taken that the CTA decided to ditch the rather wordy  names of the rapid transit lines in favor of a color coded system. This was originally known as the Ravenswood Elevated Line. The color system is so much easier to give out directions to someone. Would you rather tell someone that they need to take the O’Hare-Congress-Douglas to Damen or the Blue Line to Damen?

Fire Escape, 1996


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I believe this was taken somewhere in Lincoln Park. These old fire escapes always evoke a noir-like feeling in me. It’s   like in a old black and white film where the bad guy escapes on a rainy night down the fire escape in order to get away.

Buick And Dodge, 1996


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Just and couple of really cool old cars in front of what was Club 950 in Lincoln Park. This was right on Sheffield just off of Wrightwood.